DWPH Pharma Consultancy offers international pharmaceutical consultancy, and is independently owned by a pharmacist and qualified person. If you are looking for an interim professional, either full-time or part-time, we can offer:

Qualified Person
DWPH offers professional support including auditing, compliance, planning, analysis and technical consulting.

Quality Assurance
DWPH can offer interim quality assurance on operational, tactical and strategic level. For example quality assurance, quality systems, quality handbooks, validation and labeling, to working across supply chain, manufacturing and drug approval.We can support you with external and internal audits and provide cGMP training.

(Senior) Interim management 
DWPH can manage a quality assurance group or supply chain team. Build and maintain a professional well-functioning team by providing leadership, guidance and direction

(Senior) Project management
DWPH has experience in working with multi-disciplinary project teams in all pharmaceutical areas.

Pharmaceutical expertise
DWPH can support and advise you with expertise on quality assurance, (clinical) supply chain, data management, logistics, warehousing and labeling in the pharmaceutical industry.

If you want more information please contact DWPH Pharma Consultancy.